Happy Face Mask Application Brush


We have the perfect brush for applying your favorite Happy Face Skincare Mask!

Our skincare brush is made of a high-quality soft fiber that helps to apply your mask more evenly and more sanitary than using your fingertips.

Brush has a clear acrylic handle and metal aluminum tube. It is hypoallergenic and has a nice soft touch, but firm enough to spread your mask easily and smoothly.

After use, rinse off with warm water and allow to dry.


Hot tip: When opening your jar, use the brush to brush off any mask from the inner seal for your first facial. And afterwards, if any product gets on the inner lid use the brush to apply that first so none of your precious mask goes to waste!


Measures 6.7" inches


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Provides superb hydration for all skin types!

Perfect for any time your skin is thirsty. Or, use the skin analyzer to help determine which Happy Face Mask would make your skin the happiest!