Nano Cool Mist Skin Hydrator


Need some extra skin hydration?

We have the solution then with our portable cool mist skin hydrator that uses an advanced nano-ultrasonic technology to split water molecules into tiny nanometer particles that penetrate deep into the skin by an atomization process to effectively hydrate the skin.

But wait! Our handy skincare device also analyzes your skin’s condition letting you know in 3 seconds if your skin is grumpy and needs more hydration, or is happy! The skin moisture analyzer also measures the % of oil you have and will display your results on the LCD screen. Use the skin tester to help determine which Happy Face Mask your skin needs the most at the time!

✔️ How does it help

  • This produces a refreshing ultra-fine cold mist that works amazing to relieve dryness. It’s nano-emulsion penetrates deeper into the skin than ordinary water mist, and replenishes the skin from the dermis.
  • This effectively calms the skin, can control the balance of oily skin, and has the effect of narrowing the pores.
  • This works well to remove dirt, oil, and other impurities and even leftover makeup residue. 

✔️ Tips

  • Please use mineral water (not purified or distilled). Some cities tap water contains minerals and is perfectly okay to use. If uncertain about your tap water try flat mineral water such as Fiji or Evian natural mineral water.
  • Can also add hydrosol such as rose water, your favorite toner or pure milk to the mineral water and use it with a 1:9 dilution (example; 10% pure milk plus 90% mineral water)
  • Perfect to use after receiving eyelash extensions
  • Try misting the ends of your hair if dry

✔️ Directions (view video)

1. Charge by using the included USB charging cable (added plus, this can also be used as a back-up phone charger)

2. While upside down, turn counterclockwise to open the 38ml water tank

3. Carefully put in your water or water/toner, water/milk combination (wipe away any spillage)

4. Align the tank carefully with the grooves and rotate 90 degrees clockwise

5. Turn upright and push the sliding cover to begin misting (hold about 10cm from face)

6. Clean and rinse the water tank often. Do not leave water in the tank for extended periods of time (a few days is fine)


✔️Directions for Skin Analyzer

1. Push power button on and you will see a blue LCD display 

2. On the bottom of the mister is 2 metal probes. Gently place these probes on the area of your skin where you would like to test and touch for 3 seconds (for example; forehead, chin, cheeks, hands, etc.).

3. You will see on the LCD display a red or green screen. A green smiley face indicates your skin moisture is good. A red crying face indicates your skin lacks moisture and needs to be hydrated. 

4. The top number on the display shows your moisture level. Normal skin moisture ranges from 30% to 40%. Any reading under 30% needs hydration.

5. The bottom number shows the percent of oil (the higher the percentage the more oil you have).

6. Press power button to turn off when you have tested your skin.

7. Gently clean the probes with a soft cloth in between uses.


This is suitable for all skin types!

Shipping & Returns

Provides superb hydration for all skin types!

Perfect for any time your skin is thirsty. Or, use the skin analyzer to help determine which Happy Face Mask would make your skin the happiest!